lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

1st School day! Ever...

Hi everyone!

Yes, the day finally came. My son´s first day attending school. Everyone talks about it, everyone tells you what you are going to expect, but nothing like reality coming right at you. Adrian ( my three year old) knew from day one that we were going to take him to school and that he had to stay there by himself, that mommy wasn´t going to accompanied him to class, but there I was having the worst time ever.

I was holding his hand telling him to go in but I could let go of it. I even walked back with him to look around for a bit. I held and kissed him several times and took him to the door. My knees were shaking but I had to be strong for him and not make the whole thing sad and long. 

I took some pics this morning at home and did a photecabine together so we can remember this day. Try it out, it is very cool.

I am going to pick him up now. Oh! Check his chocolate face! jajajjaja he didn´t want me to clean it for the pics (but I got it before going to school, jajjaja)

Thanks for reading,

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